7 advices for bathroom improvement

If your ale planning to improve a bathroom, I would like to present some ideas that may allow you to combine the aesthetics with the practical aspect.

Before you begin you your “journey”, it is very important to do the following:

  • have a budget;
  • choose a style
  • have a clear idea of the necessities that apply to you and your family (assuming that this is your bathroom).


If your house style is classic, you should extend that style also in the bathroom decoration.


  1. Choosing the colors will be done by the following based on personal prefferences but most important, based on the existing space. If your bathroom is small and has no outside window (or no natural light coming through somewhere/something) you should use warm shades. Choosing the right colors and combining them in a  proper way will decisively influence the final aspect of the room.


2. The central element is  the cool bathroom sinks. This will change the bathroom’s aspect in a radical way. If you need something that lasts in time and it’s easy to clean and maintain, you should use porcelain basins. If your requirement is a modern bathroom look, then you should use a classic, rectangle shape basin. This should perfectly integrate in the chosen piece of furniture. If you are a happy, romantic and color/flower loving person, then for sure you want something more special. You could choose this shaped basin, manufactured from natural Kaolin material. The paintings have an extraordinary finish and their colors are very resistant. It is painted by Chinese experienced craftsman.

3. Another idea is to choose suspended pieces of furniture. This way you gain some space and can organize your personal things in an optimal way.

4. The lighting should come frome above or the side of the mirror. The most important locations must also have proper(let’s say more strong) lighting .

5. For the small bathrooms you can use mirrors “to gain” some space. At least this impression will be there, unless you are willing to do some more “house damaging improvements”

6. The color of the bathroom furniture should be in contrast with the basin. You should do this because you want to highlight it, but this will also trigger a sensation of “chromatic complement”. As a short example, a brown/wooden style type furniture will look very nice “between” green or blue basin elements. The water taps  will have to be chosen in a direct connection with the basin style.

7. The decorative elements that you may choose can be in your own style, but it is very important not to overcrowd your little new bathroom.


If you have an idea about the colors that you are going to use (and even if you don’t to be honest), you for sure must visit    https://www.hotbasin.com . There you for sure will get some ideas and find some nice colors probably perfect for your bathroom. You can also choose between some extraordinary basins, from which a reasonable number has some price reductions applied at the time of writing of this article.


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