Valentine’s Day Zaful Wishlist!

A classical, romantic or, why not, rebel outfit?

What is your choice regarding the above from ZAFUL VALENTINE’S DAY

Valentine’s Day is almost here and you haven’t decided yet what to wear?

Congratulations, you’re not the only one!

You will probably find the ideal wear at Zaful.
The dress is here

If you are a romantic, you can choose a  fluffy dress, red color, cheerful, with some flowers(if you like); you can accesorize this with some sweet earings and a golden neckless. These will for sure make you a special lady in a special day.

The dress is here
For a date or a romantic dinner with your chosen one, a dress like this will make you look and feel special in that unique moment in which he will offer you a rose.

For a „rebel-type-style” woman, a short non-symmetric dress and a pair of high boots, worn over the knees is probably the ideal choice.

 This dress can have the back naked. As accessories you can use silver shoes, stiletto style.
The dress is here
If you want to be „2018 trends” enabled, you can choose ultraviolet-Pantone: – a long, elegant dress defined by its own style.

 If you want to express purity and elegance that is suave you should wear a white dress, with wide sleeves.

The dress is here

The shoulders shoud be uncovered and made from lace.

A pearl type earrings will complete the whole picture.
For a „classic defined” woman, the white-black combination seems to be the most appropriate choice.
This choice will make you stand out especially if you wear a red stiletto type pair of shoes.

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  1. Răspunde

    Foarte frumoase produsele pe care au ales sa le puna in categoria pentru Valentine’s cei de pe Zaful. Nu este el rosul tocmai preferatul meu dar intr-o tinuta festiva merge de minune!

  2. Răspunde

    Imi place mult acest site. Tot timpul au oferte frumoase si lucruri de calitate. Rochiile ma fac sa tanjesc.Cea alba e superba.

  3. Răspunde

    Pe rochia aia rosie am pus si eu ochii de anul trecut. Cine stie poate va fi a mea

  4. Răspunde

    Frumoase alegeri dar cel mai mult mi-a placut prima rochie rosie. Parca e de printesa :)))

  5. Răspunde

    I like very much red garments but I also like wine red. i think both are ideal for Valentine s day and Zaful knew just that.

  6. Răspunde

    I like first dress, I would like to wear it but not only on Valentine’s day.

  7. Răspunde

    Foarte multe haine frumoase pentru Valentine’s day gasim pe Zaful.

  8. Răspunde

    Au intradevar rochii foarte frumoase! Partea cea mai grea este sa alegi una.

    1. Răspunde

      Da, asa este!

  9. Răspunde

    I love dresses, but if they are red, they are perfect!

  10. Răspunde

    alegeri frumoase, eu sunt mai sportiva si rochite aleg numai in cazul in care trebuie neaparat! dar admir pe cele care le poarta frecvent!

  11. Răspunde

    I really like the dresses you have chosen for this blog post. Zaful is a really great online store to make some orders for your wardrobe, hehe.

  12. Răspunde

    Prima rochita am pus si eu ochii pe ea de foarte mult timp. Sunt curioasa cum s-ar aseza pe mine. Poate o iau daca tot sunt reduceri!

    1. Răspunde

      Eu am pus ochii pe multe ,dar momentan am comandat o bluzita sa vad cum ma potrivesc a numere.

  13. Răspunde

    Imi pregatesc acum si eu wishlistul.

  14. Răspunde

    Foarte dragute alegerile tale. Sunt curioasa ce va fi pe urmatoarea ta comanda

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